Manitoba Health Coalition Statement On Expanded Federal Dental Coverage
WINNIPEG, MB (TREATY 1 TERRITORY AND HOMELAND OF THE RED RIVER METIS) - In response to the federal government’s announcement this morning, Manitoba Health Coalition provincial director Thomas Linner said the following:
“Dental care is health care. Too often, cost is a barrier to Manitobans when it comes to their oral health - leading to significant pain and more serious dental procedures down the road.  We applaud today's move to expand coverage to include seniors, people with disabilities and those under 18. This will mean Manitobans who need dental care will be able to do su under a permanent insurance model.
Expanding dental coverage fantastic news for public health care. We see this move as an important first step. Ultimately, health coalitions across Canada have long called for dental care to be included as a publicly insured and publicly deliver service. 
We are disappointed that the vast majority our province’s Members of Parliament, those who belong to the Official Opposition Conservative Party of Canada, voted against taking action on dental care. Those MPs and their families have public dental care insurance paid for by taxpayers, yet oppose expanding coverage to Manitobans in need. This hypocrisy is something they will have to explain to their constituents who will benefit greatly from this urgently-needed dental care program.
Dental care is one of the priorities that was laid out in the Confidence and Supply Agreement between the federal NDP and the governing Liberals, which also includes a progress on universal Pharmacare. We encourage the Prime Minister to commit to universal, single-payer Pharmacare for all Canadians.”