In today's Winnipeg Free Press we learn that surgical and diagnostic procedure wait times grew in June. Instead of working with doctors and healthcare professionals in the public system, the province's Task Force has put private profit over patient care - and Manitobans are paying the price. We need to fix health care, not privatize it.

Also in the Free Press, opinion columnist Tom Brodbeck notes that the incumbent PC government's record in office is more important than their recent campaign promises:

"The Tories amalgamated hospital operations between 2017 and 2019 in Winnipeg and cut funding for acute-care services, which has negatively impacted the delivery of health-care services. Emergency wait times have doubled since 2017 and delays for surgical and diagnostic services are worse today in most categories than they were prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The decisions that led to those failures must be scrutinized and the politicians that made them must explain themselves. Do they still stand by those decisions? If so, why? If not, why not?"

CBC reports on the new recommendations put forward by Doctors Manitoba. MHC welcomes this contribution to the public debate on healthcare for the 2023 Manitoba Election. It is vital to hear from the front lines on ways to build back from the damage done by seven years of cuts, chaos and privatization.

CTV reports on members of the Union of Taxation Employees - a component of the Public Service Alliance of Canada - holding their convention in Winnipeg this week and marching to support the families of missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, calling for a search of the Prairie Green Landfill.