WINNIPEG (TREATY 1) - In response to Manitoba surpassing 2,000 deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Manitoba Health Coalition (MHC) Provincial Director Thomas Linner stated the following:

"We have reached a tragic milestone in our province. Over 2,000 people in Manitoba have died of COVID-19. That number in itself is sobering.

But we must remember, the people we have lost are so much more than just a number. They are a mother, a father, a son or daughter, a grandparent, a sibling. A friend. A co-worker.

They cannot be replaced.

They must be remembered.

And as we remember, as we mourn for the families who have lost loved ones, let us not forget the front-line health care workers who have sacrificed so much to prevent further death.

The overworked and under-supported long-term care staff. The ICU nurses. The doctors. The hospital staff. Everyone who has worked for their neighbours despite the devastating effects of this government's cuts to emergency rooms, critical care capacity, hospitals and Personal Care Homes. There is a reason why two-thirds of Manitobans agree that Pallister-era health care reorganization - being continued under Premier Stefanson - harmed the provincial response to COVID-19.

We have lost 2,000 people to COVID-19. 2,000 families are grieving a loved one. Many more people are dealing with illness, are tired, burnt out - dealings with the effects of Long COVID.

Those who have died. Those who have mourned them. Those who are still suffering. Those who have worked on the front-lines. They deserve answers from this government. They deserve to know that an independent public inquiry will be called so that they can be assured that a proper review of the government’s conduct will take place.

Premier Stefanson should do the right thing by ensuring this takes place before the next provincial election. It's no less than Manitobans deserve."


Manitobans can sign MHC's Public Inquiry Petition at: