MHC Provincial Director Thomas Linner said the following:

“Manitoba health care is at a crossroads. From emergency care to home care, the entire system is at a crisis caused by Pallister-era decisions to close emergency rooms and privatize services. The provincial government’s ongoing policy of pursuing tax cuts favouring the most wealthy individuals and corporations - rather than investing in the staffing priorities that ensure the safe functioning of our hospitals and clinics - continues to have a devastating impact on the patients who rely on these services and the frontline healthcare workers who deliver them.

2023, must not be a missed opportunity to stabilize and enhance public health care in Manitoba. Too much capacity has already been outsourced to private, out-of-province providers with no stake in the performance of Manitoba’s health care system. That cannot continue. We ask all newly appointed ministers, and those remaining in their roles, to put people over profits when it comes to the health care we all count on.
We welcome the Honourable Janice Morley-Lecomte to her new role as Minister of Mental Health and Community Wellness - and ask that she put aside the ideological and wrong-headed approach of her predecessor in regards to the urgent need for life-saving supervised consumption health services in Winnipeg and Manitoba.
Public service is an honourable calling. We thank all ministers who are not returning to their roles and wish them the very best.”