As reported in the Winnipeg Free Press (see article), a new Probe Research poll commissioned by the Manitoba Health Coalition (MHC) has found that two-thirds (67%) of Manitobans feel their provincial government’s ongoing system transformation made its ability to deliver quality health care worse – and a similar amount (68%) believe the answer to ongoing backlogs and waitlists is to invest in the public system over privatization and contracting out.

You can see the poll here.

Key findings include:

  • 67% of respondents feel health reorganization worsened care available during COVID-19, including 48% who feel it made care much worse
  • Only 14% said this reorganization made care better
  • 68% of respondents believe the solution is to hire and train more staff and purchase more equipment so these services can be performed within the province’s public health system
  • Only 24% think the solution is to pay private health care providers (including some based in the U.S.) to deliver these services sooner