As we enter into a second COVID19 wave, with outbreaks at our Personal Care Homes increasing daily we must take meaningful and decisive action today.

It is disturbing to continue to see inaction on the part of this government to address the long-standing systemic issues associated with PCH's in the province. The results of inadequate supports and resources are being laid bare for Manitobans to see in the troubling and shameful explosion of infections among residents and front line health care workers.

Older adults, families and front-line health care workers need our government to understand that working conditions in our PCH's are care conditions. We are not powerless in this situation, and decisive action needs to be taken to save lives and protect our residents and frontline health care workers.

I the undersigned demand the government take the following actions:

- Immediately increase staffing in PCH's including legislated increased staffing ratios to 4.1 hours of minimum direct hours of care.

- Increase operational funding for PCH's and ensure accountability of this funding through regular, unannounced inspections of sites to ensure compliance with protocols and quality care of residents.

- Immediately make all inspection reports public and conduct in person inspections of all private, for profit providers immediately.

- Regular open and honest communication with families, residents and the general public regarding actions being taken and status of inspections/compliance with public health protocols.

- Keep PCH's public. Manitoba needs to get private, for-profit providers out of care and we must put people before profits.

- Immediately create a Manitoba Seniors Advocate.