WINNIPEG (TREATY 1) - The Manitoba Health Coalition (MHC) called on the Stefanson PC government today to provide Manitobans with an urgent update on provincial efforts to combat new variants of COVID-19.

“The Premier’s decision to remove all public health measures, with no clear benchmarks for what would trigger a return to proven methods of containing the spread of the virus, was a mistake,” said Thomas Linner, Provincial Director of the Manitoba Health Coalition. “Over 2,000 Manitobans have died on this government’s watch. Hospitals and health care providers are stretched to the limit. Families and frontline health care workers deserve a plan.” 

Specifically, MHC is calling for:

  • Updated modelling on the potential path of the BA.2.12.1, BA.4 and BA.5 variants in Manitoba
  • The re-establishment of PCR testing capacity
  • Clear benchmarks for what level of transmission and/or hospitalization would trigger a resumption of indoor mask mandates, vaccine passports and other measures
  • Establishing 10-paid sick days per year for Manitoba workers
  • An expanded push for vaccination at all levels, from first dose to booster shots
  • Urgent action to address the understaffing in our health care system 

"Manitobans have lost confidence in this government’s approach to COVID-19 and health care,” said Linner. “We need to see strong action to instill public confidence that the pandemic will not be left to run its own course once again in Manitoba.”