Discriminatory Health Care Laws in North Dakota Demands Strong ResponseWINNIPEG, MB (TREATY 1 TERRITORY AND HOMELAND OF THE RED RIVER METIS) - 

In light of recent legislation banning medically necessary care for transgender patients in North Dakota, and an expected near-total ban on the reproductive choice of women, girls and anyone who can become pregnant, the Manitoba Health Coalition is calling for an end to Manitoba’s contract with Sanford Health’s facility in Fargo, North Dakota.

“Gender-affirming care and abortion are health care services, not politics,” said Thomas Linner, Manitoba Health Coalition Provincial Director. “Everyone deserves to live with dignity, and to access the medical care they need without being subject to fear, hatred and discrimination.”

Manitoba and North Dakota have close economic, travel and cultural ties. Former Premier Brian Pallister inducted Governor Burgum into the Order Of The Buffalo Hunt in 2021. Manitoba has also signed a secret contract with Sanford Health in Fargo as part of its efforts to reduce the pandemic backlog for surgical and diagnostic procedures.

“In light of these most recent legislative maneuvers to curtail medical rights, and the growing danger to vulnerable minorities, Manitoba should no longer consider North Dakota a safe place for Manitoba patients to receive care,” said Linner. “Moreover, jurisdictions that choose to attack and limit these rights should not receive contracts from our provincial government. The Government of Manitoba must make it clear that human rights are non-negotiable, and terminate its contract with Sanford Health.”

Linner added that all surgical and diagnostic contracts signed with US states should be reviewed to ensure that Manitoba patients are not being sent to jurisdictions with discriminatory health care laws.