Dear MHC family,

We want to ensure our community has access to the information they need regarding the coronavirus - COVID19. With that said please ensure you are checking the Government of Manitoba - Health - COVID 19 page

It is imperative we all stay calm, be prepared and help to #FlattenTheCurve. Our system simply does not have the capacity and we must take this seriously.

Now is the time to work together and take action.

Take Care,

Brianne Goertzen

Provincial Director, MHC


Government of Manitoba - COVID 19 and Related Factsheets

Government of Manitoba - COVID 19 - Prepare and Prevent

Government of Manitoba - COVID 19 - Information for Manitobans

Shared Health - Self Screening online COVID 19 Tool

Government of Canada - COVID 19


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  • Gerry Pearson
    There was a posting on the West End residents site in which a woman having symptoms of Covid 19 could not get tested because she had not been travelling internationally. The suggestion, and it made sense to me, is we have no community cases, and low numbers because we are not testing, not that there are no community cases. Are the numbers not true and are people getting the tests when they have symptoms?
  • Brianne Goertzen